Vehicool and PowerUp

Cameron Lings from Vehicool Automotive Air Conditioning and Mechanical Service regarding PowerUp Products

We use a range of PowerUp products in our automotive workshop and we are very pleased with all the products we have used to date. We are also very impressed with the service provided by the PowerUp team.
We know that by buying direct from the manufacturer we are buying cheaper but still getting some of the best automotive products on the market today with backup advice whenever we need it.
We are aware that PowerUp products (formerly marketed under the Gold Leaf Enterprises label) have been proven over more than 20 years but previously they have only been available through other companies such as Motormate etc.
We can now buy direct and our order arrives within the time frame requested .
We highly recommend PowerUp products and service to anyone who wants excellent products, service and pricing.

Signed -
Unit 3/10 McElligot Crt Canning Vale.

Perth 3MW and PowerUp

David Dye from Perth 3MW Prestige Vehicles Sales and Service regarding PowerUp products

We believe it is vital to add an engine flush to the engine oil before draining to ensure all the old oil and sludge is removed from the engine before filling with clean oil.

We like PowerUp ProFlush because it works and it is good value.
The PowerUp products we use are quality products, the service is excellent and they have provided important training to our staff free of charge to ensure we utilise their products to our advantage.By dealing direct with the manufacturer we are not paying margins imposed by distributors and we are getting the products delivered on time and receiving fantastic service, with honest follow up.We recommend all workshops to try PowerUP products for themselves
PowerUp Detailing Products
We use PowerUp products for detailing our vehicles because we need a superior product to prepare our prestige luxury cars for a gleaming display in our showroom.

PowerUp products provide a superior finish on our vehicles and we would recommend them to any workshop or car detailer looking for a quality product at a very competitive price plus friendly and honest service.

Signed -
42 Howe Street Osborne Park.

Dennis Cherry and Power Up

This is the follow-up e-mail to our telephone conversation discussing the success I had in cleaning up the problem of emitting a plume of black smoke from the 1994 Mitsubishi Delica 2.8 L diesel campervan that I have. As I said, this problem seemed only to emerge after my outback trip to Alice Springs, hence we presumed it to be due to using ‘dirty’ diesel fuel on the trip. However using your PowerUp “Diesel Injector Cleaner” (300mls in a full tank of diesel) the problem no longer exists.

You have my grateful thanks, as I had already discussed it with a diesel mechanic and he had explained that it was either the injectors or the diesel fuel pump. The cost of the first option was somewhat bearable but still in the hundreds of dollars; whilst the latter (if it indeed was the issue) had the potential to be well over a thousand dollars. Your solution was ten dollars!!

Signed -
South Fremantle