Q) How do I know when I am using PowerUp products that I am getting value for money and that the products work?

Chemsol Aust Pty Ltd (formerly Gold Leaf Enterprises) has been manufacturing products for some of the large auto product distributors in Australia since 1989 and brands such as Motor Mate and many other companies have been re branding Chemsol products with their own brand and selling into the wholesale and retail markets. With the establishment of the PowerUp Auto Treatments brand resellers and consumers can now purchase direct from the manufacturer, Chemsol at very competitive prices knowing that these products have been proven over many years.

Q) Does Chemsol provide a full technical back up and advice service if I have any queries or require advice regarding the use of PowerUp products?

Chemsol has an advice line 1300 827 692 to enable a purchaser or potential purchaser to contact us for technical advice from our qualified chemists or technical staff.

Q) Is Chemsol an Australian company and are all products made in Australia?

Unlike many of the large auto product distributors now operating in Australia, Chemsol Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company and PowerUp products are all made in Western Australia which not only assists in supporting the local economy but ensures that a purchaser in WA has a full back up service close by.

Q) Do all PowerUp products meet Australian Standards?

Where there is an existing Australian standard relating to a particular product compliance is stated on the product label. However Chemsol is accredited to International Management Standard ISO 9001 which is recognised throughout the world and ensures a purchaser that product quality is maintained, samples of every batch are kept on site and that the overall management is at a very high standard with internal audits carried out annually by Bureau Veritas to continue certification

Q) Are there significant savings to be made by purchasing PowerUp products in 20 litre or 200 litre containers?

Yes, if you purchase PowerUp products in large containers there is a substantial discount in price per litre due to a saving in the cost of containers, delivery and packaging and this is passed on to the purchaser.

Q) What sort of credit terms are offered for regular purchasers and how do I apply for a trading account?

Simply complete the Contact Us page on our web site and email it to us or phone 0894342942 to request a Chemsol representative to contact you regarding setting up a meeting.

Credit terms can be varied to suit the purchaser and our representative will discuss this with you prior to setting up your trading account.