Tyre Gloss is a premium quality, water-based rejuvenator which will enhance the appearance of all rubber surfaces. It is designed for use on cars, trucks, buses, caravans, boats, rubber trim, etc.

 Tyre Gloss is water-based and is free from phosphates and harmful petroleum hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvents.


Use Tyre Gloss on all tyres and other automotive, marine, commercial or domestic rubber surfaces that require rejuvenating, except rubber flooring. It is suitable for either inside or outside use.

Tyre Gloss is easy and economical to use. Use as supplied.  Simply spray or brush on uniformly to give a continuous gloss and allow to dry. If rubber is contaminated with dirt or oil, clean first with detergent. Tyre Gloss may be applied to damp (but not dripping wet) surfaces. Re-apply as required.


Tyre Gloss is not classified as hazardous.  Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use. Spillages may be slippery.