RustCure is a water-based rust-converting solution for use on corroded ferrous surfaces as a pre-treatment prior to painting.  It contains deep penetrating solvents and forms a strong stable matrix with rust, which is suitable for over-coating with most conventional finishes.


RustCure may be used on any rusted steel surface.  It has application in the marine, construction, mining and automotive industries, as well as many areas around the home.

All traces of oil, grease and other contaminants should first be removed using an effective detergent degreaser.  All loose or flaky rust and paint must be removed using a wire brush, needle gun or sand blaster to obtain a class 1 level or preparation.

RustCure is applied by brush or spray.  For treatment of heavy rust, or in hot, dry conditions, the surface may be rewetted after about one hour, and if required the RustCure re-applied.

Depending on the degree of rusting and on ambient conditions the surface may be painted after about 6-24 hours curing, and after excess product has been washed off and the surface allowed to dry.  If used in food processing areas, rinsing should be with potable water.  Depending on prevailing conditions, surface may be left for up to several weeks before painting or further treatment.


 Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use. The wearing of gloves is recommended.  Avoid contact with eyes, and inhalation of spray mist. Keep out of reach of children.

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