PU OIL Syntech PAO 5W30 Full Syn VW 504,507


SYNTECH FS 5W30 VW 504-507


SYNTECH FS 5W30 VW 504 is a new Low SAPS generation oil especially developed for Volkswagen Group
engines. It is designed to be used in all Diesel and Petrol engines, especially those respecting the Euro 4
standards for the reduction of polluting omissions.
SYNTECH FS 5W30 VW 504-507 is ideally designed for European engines requiring SHPD level of performance
and those which comply with Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3 and Euro 4 exhaust emission legislation.
Features and Benefits
VW 504/507 has been developed with “Clean performance technology” reducing long term blocking of the
particulate filters thereby prolonging its life span and maintaining engine performance.
VW 504/507 guarantees a rapid build-up of a stable oil film at cold start, that remains stable at high operating
temperatures, while friction is reduced in order to provide greater fuel economy.
VW 504/507 incorporates the highest level of anti wear, anti corrosion and anti foam properties available and
allows extra long drain intervals (30,000 – 50,000 kms), thanks to an exceptional oxidation resistance.
VW 504/507 ensures a greater respect for the environment through its reduced omissions

Approvals / Recommendations
SYNTECH FS 5W30 VW 504-507 meets or exceeds the following Industry Specifications.
• ACEA A3/B4-04 (2004) ACEA C3
• Volkswagen VW 504.00
• Volkswagen VW 507.00
• BMW Longlife 04
• MB 229. 31, 229.51

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