PU OIL Protech Hydraulic 46



Protech Hydraulic Oils are mineral oil based and are manufactured in a range of viscosity grades to meet the
requirements of manufacturers for rust and oxidation – inhibited and anti -wear mineral-oil Hydraulic fluids. They
are compatible with the seal materials commonly used in Hydraulic Oil systems. These Oils are primarily for use
in Hydraulic Oils equipment, but are suitable for other duties in which lubricants with good oxidation stability and
lubrication performance are required.

Features and Benefits

• Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability and good service life
• Good anti-wear properties and rust inhibitor
• Superior hydrolytic stability and excellent demulsibility
• Compatible with the seals commonly used in Hydraulic Oils systems

Approvals / Recommendations

• Meets the specification requirements of
• DIN 5152 Part 2, ISO Type HM
• Sperry Vickers 35VQ25
• Cincinnati Milacron P-68. P-69, P-70 Denison HF) and HF2

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