PU OIL Protech Chain and Bar Oil 150



PROTECH Chain & Bar Oil  is for chain saw applications formulated to provide maximum protection of chains, bars and sprockets. It contains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives to reduce wear and ensure maximum life for chains, bars and sprockets.

Features and Benefits

  • Has a high level of tackiness additive to ensure maximum cling thus reducing oil consumption due to ”fling off” from moving chains and sprockets.
  • Is compatible with all materials used in chain saws. Minimizes even in professionally used saws running at full power thus reducing maintenance and service costs.
  • Experience has shown that the use of low quality chain oil leads to high chain link wear due to build-up of sawdust, sap and chain oil, reducing the linear flexibility of the chain. This ultimately causes the engine to stall, and in some cases the chain will need re-tensioning after only a few cuts. Field trials have shown that Protech Chain & Bar Oil effectively eliminates this problem.
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