PU OIL Protech Auto Trans Fluid Dexron III



ATF DEXRON IIIG is an automatic transmission fluid designed as a new generation petroleum based product
for automatic and power shift transmissions. This highest level product meets both General Motors and Mercon
lubricant surpassing 6297-M and Ford M2C185A. In addition it also meets Allison C-4 fluid and is qualified as a
Caterpillar TO-2 specification. It is formulated with the latest generation fluid developed from hydrocracked base
stock to meet the factory filled requirement of a range of European and Japanese vehicles.

Features and Benefits

Ensures full transmission functionality, offering excellent gear durability, good shift feel on cold start and at
operating temperature, giving excellent thermal and chemical stability. Compatible with all gaskets and seals.
Provides excellent anti-wear, rust and corrosion protection, resistance to oxidation, retention of frictional
characteristics and correct fluidity at all operating temperatures.


ATF DEXRON III G is recommended for the automatic transmissions of passenger cars, trucks, off highway
construction, mining and agricultural equipment, and other applications where Dexron fluids are specified,
including automatic transmissions usd in all General Motors, GMH, Isuzu and Opel vehicles and hydromatic
transmissions in a range of vehicles.
It is recommended for all Ford passenger car and light truck auto trans. Requiring Mercon fluids except in Ford
four speed (BTR M85LE & 95LE) Mitsubishi (KM175 & 177) and Hyundai damper clutch auto trans.
It is also recommended for the auto trans. Of certain Mazda, Nissan and Toyota vehicles, and Voith
transmissions as per the performance characteristics.

Approvals / Recommendations

  • G M Cert No G-34188, GM6297M, HN2126
  • Ford Mercon, WSP-M2C-185A
  • Mazda M-III Fluid
  • Toyota T Fluid
  • Nissan NissanMatic C, D
  • Allison C4-Cert No C4-25273097
  • Voith G607, G1363, Diwa Trans
  • ZF TE-ML 03, TE-ML 14
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