PU OIL Protech Auto Trans Fluid 95LE



Features and BenefitsATF 95LE is a special purpose automatic transmission fluid for late model Ford automatic transmissions;
KM175 and KM 177 automatic transmissions fitted to Mitsubishi Magnas from January 1998, and all Hyundai
automatic transmissions.
• Ensures full transmission functionality, offering excellent gear durability, good shift feel on cold start and at
operating temperature, giving excellent thermal and chemical stability.
• Compatible with all gaskets and seals.
• Miscible with all mineral oil and synthetic oil, thus requires no flushing.


For BTR M95LE four speed automatic transmissions as fitted to the 8 and 6 cylinder Ford Falcon EB, Fairlane
NC and LTD DC and subsequent models and BTR M85LE four speed automatic transmissions fitted to Series
Two 6 cylinder Ford Falcon EA, Fairlane NA and LTD DA model passenger cars and for KM175 and KM177
automatic transmissions fitted to Mitsubishi Magnas including TR, TS, TE and TF Magna, KR, KS, KE and KF
Verada, HJ Galant, UF Nimbus and CE Lancer. As well as all Hyundai automatic transmissions.

Approvals / Recomendations

• BTR 5M-52 85LE & 95LE
• MMAL ES-X64022SP2;
• Hyundai Part number 05243-33000.

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