This non-caustic, solventless degreasing detergent is biodegradable and contains powerful high-foam surface-active agents and emulsifiers for the rapid removal of all types of dirt and grime from all types of surface. It is a highly efficient streak-free degreasing cleaner for the hand or machine washing of cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. It is also has numerous applications in marine and industrial areas.
ProWash is water-based and contains no ammonia, caustic or acid ingredients, petroleum hydrocarbons or chlorinated solvents.


First hose all loose dirt and mud from vehicle or surface to be cleaned. . For general cleaning use 5-10 mls ProWash per litre of water. Clean vehicles manually or by foam guns or automatic car wash systems. For other hard surfaces, steam cleaners, automatic scrubbers or pressure washers may also be used For severe soil build up, greater concentrations (up to 50%) may be used, followed by immediate rinsing. Hose off residues thoroughly. To avoid hard water spotting, dry surfaces with soft towel or chamois. For best results, wash vehicle in the shade to avoid drying and streaking.
May not be suitable for vehicles with badly weathered, flaking or rusted paintwork.


ProWash is not classified as hazardous. Wear protective gloves if skin is sensitive to detergents. Spillages may be slippery. Safety Data Sheet available.