Cetane Booster

“Your engine is only as good as the fuel you feed it”

Cetane, which is also sometimes referred to as hexadecane or isocetane, is a colorless gas with the chemical formula C16H34. Cetane ignites easily when exposed to a small amount of heat and was therefore given a perfect Cetane rating of 100. The easier it is for diesel fuel to ignite, the higher its relative Cetane rating is. Generally, the faster the fuel in a diesel ignites, the better the engine will run. PowerUp Dtane +8 will improve the Cetane level in the diesel fuel up to 8 points depending on the quality of the fuel

How can a higher Cetane number be achieved?

There are two ways to gain a higher Cetane number. The first is to do it during the refining process.  Refining a high Cetane diesel fuel usually results in a fuel with a higher API gravity rating and a lower density.  A low density fuel contains fewer BTUs and consequently provides less power to a diesel engine.

Another way to gain a higher Cetane number…

A higher Cetane number can also be derived through the addition of PowerUp Dtane +8 Cetane improver chemistry. When PowerUp Dtane +8 improver is added to a low Cetane diesel fuel, the result is a higher-Cetane-number fuel with more power and fuel efficiency.

Dtane +8 is not only a Cetane improver but also a full fuel system maintenance additive that has many other benefits. Along with being able to absorb small amounts of water in the fuel system it will also increase the lubrication of the fuel up to 20%.

Dtane Benefits

  • Quicker starting
  • Quieter operation with less diesel chatter
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • A reduction of harmful emissions
  • Less wear and tear on the starter and batteries
  • Full system Cleaner
  • Improves lubrication and corrosion protection, reducing engine wear
  • Improves throttle response and engine performance
  • Improves low temperature starting
  • Safe with DPF filters
  • Suitable for common rail and direct injection diesel systems
  • Compatible with recognised biodiesels
  • Removes moisture from fuel


Add 250- 300ml of PowerUp Dtane + 8 to 60 – 80L of diesel fuel. Add to fuel tank before filling with diesel to ensure proper mixing


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