Diesel particulate filters are deigned to remove 85-100% of the soot particles created by incomplete combustion of the fuel/air mix in diesel engines. These particles accumulate in the DPF filter and this filter will need to be cleaned and regenerated from time to time to prevent the vehicle going in to limp mode. By using PowerUps DPF Cleaner which is a combustion catalyst, it will induce passive regeneration of the filter by enhancing the combustion process, increasing the temperature of the exhaust gasses and lowering the soot burn out temperature. This improved regeneration process reduces the need to remove the filter for cleaning because of high soot content.

Also by improving the combustion process PowerUps DPF Cleaner ensures a more complete burn there for reducing the amount of diesel particle matter that will end up in the particulate filter.


By adding 300ml of PowerUps DPF Cleaner to approximately 30L of diesel fuel it will help burn off any built up soot, reducing back pressure of the filter and help remove any warning lights. As ongoing maintenance DPF Cleaner should be added at 300ml to approximately 60L of diesel fuel to prevent any buildup of soot in the filter


Other Benefits

*Increase power

*Improves throttle response and engine performance

*Improves low temperature starting

*Increase lubrication of the fuel

*Cleans injectors and fuel lines

*Can be used in diesel and all recognised bio-Diesels