COOLTECH was designed to generally exceed the broad range of national, international and OEM standards so workshops can SAVE MONEY by having one coolant to do a wide range of vehicles. (Ref Standards list) Cooltech is recommended for all general aftermarket servicing of the trucking, mining, transport and general automotive industries.  Mixing ratio 2:1

COOLTECH has a maximum service life of 4 years, 1,000,000km,  12000 hours or whichever comes first in a well maintained engine cooling circuit at 50% v/v.

Chemsol advises against indiscriminate mixing of different coolant formulations.  Mixing different coolants may cause precipitation of inhibitor components and potentially result in overheating and reduced corrosion protection

COOLTECH provides maximum antifreeze / anitboil protection and provides peak reliability and operation life of the water pump because it is silicate free. It also provides premium cavitation and liner pitting protection maximising protection of all metals commonly found in the engine cooling system. It contains 1010g/L of Mono ethylene Glycol.

COOLTECH is a superior general-purpose coolant based on Organic Additive Technology (OAT), which is a selectively balanced mixture of organic additives. OAT formulations are longer life products than those based on conventional formulations, making OATs the products of choice for general after market servicing.

COOLTECH is suitable for engines of both ferrous and aluminum alloy construction, under both light and heavy duty cycle operation.

COOLTECH is compatible with aluminum or copper/brass and mixed aluminum, copper/brass cooling circuits. It is a formulation based on monoethylene glycol and is free of nitrite, phosphate and amine inhibitors.

 COOLTECH is produced as a green liquid.  Bittering agents are deliberately added, to reduce the risk of accidental poisoning by ingestion.

COOLTECH provides long life protection against scale, rust and residue build up. It allows maximum fuel economy by performing at the desired engine operation temperature.


COOLTECH should be used in conjunction with the recommendation by the vehicle manufacturer.  In the absence of such guidance, it should be diluted with good quality water to give solutions in the concentration of 50 % v/v for maximum protection.


COOLTECH contains ethylene glycol and is poisonous if swallowed.  Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use.  Avoid contact with the skin and eyes.  Keep out of reach of children.


COOLTECH meets or exceeds the performance characteristics of the following engine coolant specifications for a fully formulated antifreeze:

OEM                                                   Specifications

ASTM                                                 D-3306/D-4985/D-6210

AS/NZS                                             AS 2108-2004 Type A

JIS                                                          K2234

Caterpillar                                          EC 1

Cummins                                          SB 3666132

Cummins                                          CES 14603

Detroit Diesel Corp                      Bulletin # 7SE 298, 93K217

GM                                                      6277M/1825M/1899M, GM Heavy Truck

John Deere                                      JDM HD24

MAN                                                   324

Massey Ferguson                          D- 4985 / D-3306

Mack                                                   ASTM D4985, Heavy Truck

Mercedes-Benz                              DBL 325

MTU                                                    (EVP 1 1827/MTL 5048)

SAE                                                    J 1034 / J1941

Saab- Scania                                  6901

Daimler Chrysler                           MS 7170, MS 9769

Ford                                                    ESE-M97B44A, ESE-M97B18-C

Ford                                                    Wss-M97B51-A1

Freightliner                                       48-2288D

Hyundai                                             –

Kenworth                                           RO26-170-97

Landrover                                          –

New Holland                                     WSN-M97B18-D

Paccar- Kenworth                            –

Peterbilt                                             8502.002

Perkins                                              –

Toyota                                                –

Volvo                                                  Heavy Truck

White Star                                          –

US Federal                                        A-A-870-A

TMC                                                    RP 329


  • pH (50% v/v in water) : 7.5 – 9
  • Silicon: < 1
  • Boiling Point (neat) : 176 degrees C
  • Freezing Point – 50% v/v in water : -34 degrees C
  • Foaming –volume : 45 mls
  • Foaming -break time : 2 seconds
  • Bittering Agent : 10 ppm
  • Density : 1.125 g/ml at 20 degrees C
  • Flash Point (open cup) : 118 degrees C


 It exceeds the performance requirements of the following standards when assessed in hard water :

*  ASTM D1384 ” Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in Glassware.”

*  ASTM D4340 “Corrosion of Cast Aluminum Alloys in Engine Coolants Under Heat Rejecting Conditions.”

*  ASTM D2570 “Simulated Service Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants.”

* ASTM D2809 “Cavitation Corrosion and Erosion Corrosion Characteristics of Aluminum Pumps With Engine Coolants.”

*  Australian/New Zealand Standard 2108.1:2004  “Engine Coolants Type A and Type B for Engine Cooling Systems.”

Heat-stressed Alloy Corrosion : ASTM D4340

Heat Transfer Corrosion Rate :               0.3 mg/cm2/week

Max allowable corrosion :                         1.0 mg/cm2/week

Crevice/pitting Attack :                              None