COOL PLUS MAX is a superior water based corrosion inhibitor based on Organic Additive Technology (OAT), which is a selectively balanced mixture of organic additives. OAT formulations are longer life products than those based on conventional formulations, making OATs the products of choice for general aftermarket servicing. 1:20 Mixing ratio

COOLPLUS MAX is a phosphate ,amine, nitirite and silicate-free formulation containing a pH-buffered blend of additives known to reduce the corrosion of steel, cast iron, aluminium alloy, brass, copper and solder. It will not reverse pre-existing corrosion problems.

COOL PLUS MAX is not an anti-freeze/anti-boil type coolant and should not be used in conflict with engine manufacturers’ recommendations.
Replace at 36 months / 100,000 km intervals. To avoid possible incompatibility problems, do not mix with any other inhibitors or coolants.

COOL PLUS MAX provides long life protection against scale, rust and residue build up. It allows maximum fuel economy by performing at the desired engine operation temperature.

Contains 400g per litre of ethylene glycol as well as a bittering agent at 10ppm

Available in red or green


Add 50ml of COOL PLUS MAX to every 1L of demineralised water or 1L of Cool Plus Max treats 20L of demineralised water. Dilute product before adding to the cooling system. To avoid possible incompatibility problems, do not mix with any other inhibitors or coolants.


COOL PLUS MAX contains ethylene glycol and is poisonous if swallowed. Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children.


• Exceeds the performance requirements of the following standards
ASTM D1384 “Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in Glassware”
ASTM D4340 “Corrosion of Cast Aluminium Alloys in Engine Coolants under Heat Rejecting Conditions”
Australian/New Zealand Standard 2108.1:2004 “Engine Coolants Type A and Type B for Engine Cooling Systems” using 40 ml per litre hard water.

Heat-stressed Alloy Corrosion : ASTM D4340
Heat Transfer Corrosion Rate : 0.3 mg/cm2/week
Max allowable corrosion : 1.0 mg/cm2/week
Crevice/pitting Attack : None