Denis Cherry

This is the follow-up e-mail to our telephone conversation discussing the success I had in cleaning up the problem of emitting a plume of black smoke from the 1994 Mitsubishi Delica 2.8 L diesel campervan that I have. As I said, this problem seemed only to emerge after my outback trip to Alice Springs, hence we presumed it to be due to using ‘dirty’ diesel fuel on the trip. However using your PowerUp “Diesel Injector Cleaner” (300mls in a full tank of diesel) the problem no longer exists.

You have my grateful thanks, as I had already discussed it with a diesel mechanic and he had explained that it was either the injectors or the diesel fuel pump. The cost of the first option was somewhat bearable but still in the hundreds of dollars; whilst the latter (if it indeed was the issue) had the potential to be well over a thousand dollars. Your solution was ten dollars!!