PU OIL Protech Gear Oil 80W90 & 85W140


These Gear Oils are suitable for all bevel, spiral bevel and hypoid gears operating under all service conditions in differentials, manual transmissions and other gear cases of automotive equipment where API GL5 gear oils are called for.

Gear Oil 80W/90 is recommended for many passenger car gear boxes and for the majority of spiral bevel and hypoid final drives and steering gear boxes.

Gear Oil 85W/140 has a higher viscosity and is recommended for some manual transmissions and for the differentials and final drives of most trucks, earthmoving and other heavy equipment.

It represents the best all round lubricant for rationalisation in these and other applications.

These Gear Oils may also be used in automotive worm drive axles and most industrial worm drives with reduction ratios below 10:1.

These Gear Oils are not recommended for use in limited slip differentials.

Features and Benefits

  • Multipurpose Gear Oils provide the best possible lubricants to effect rationalisation of gear oils for manual transmissions, differentials and final drives
  • They are based on “clean-gear” sulphur phosphorus extreme pressure additive technology
  • They have high load carrying capacity for sustained high speed heavy duty operations under high torque loading conditions, and are compatible with other oil based gear oils
  • They are fully inhibited against rusting, corrosion, oxidation and foaming
  • They meet major manufacturers specifications, including Mack GO-J

Approvals / Recommendations

80W/90 85W/140
API Gear Lubricants
Designation GL5(G6) GL5(GL6)
US Military MIL-L-2105D/E MIL-L-2105D/E
BTR (Borg Warner) 5M-36
Clark MS-8 MS-8
Ford M2C-105A SM-2C-1013A
GM HN1181
Mack GO-G/J GO-G/J
MAN 324 324
MB 235.0 235.0
ZF TE-ML 01/05/07 TE-ML 01/05/07
International Harvester B-22 B-22
Rockwell Standard 0-76-D 0-76-A
White MS-0016

Typical Inspection

85W/90 85W/140
Density @ 15oC Kg/L 0.900 0.9080
Flash Point COC oC 230 230
Pour Point oC -24 -24
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40oC (cst) 131 337
                                @ 100oC (cst) 14.2 24.9
Viscosity Index 104 96
Viscosity cP @ -12oC 72500
Viscosity cP @ -26oC 136000
Colour (ASTM) 2.0 4.5


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