Cool Flush is a specially formulated liquid for removing sludge, grease and scale from radiators and engine water jackets. Cool Flush is non-acidic , solventless and biodegradable and is safe to use on both cast iron and aluminium alloy. It will not adversely affect water pump seals or radiator hoses.


First drain the cooling system to ensure removal of coolant, additives and dispersed rust and scale that may be present. Then half fill radiator with clean water, add 500 mls Cool Flush, and top up with water. Run the engine for about 10 minutes, allow to cool and drain. Flush the system thoroughly with clean water, preferably by pressure flushing. For the removal of engine or transmission oil that has leaked into the cooling system, more than one application may be necessary.

The cooling system should then be refilled with clean water, preferably distilled water, and the appropriate amount of the PowerUp range of Cool Max or Cool Plus coolants


Cool Flush is not classified as hazardous. Safety Data Sheet available.